Benefits of Hot Yoga

We guarantee that Yoga is as good a workout as you would get in the gym but with many more added benefits.

  • Sweat out toxins, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, whilst increasing your metabolism and heart rate for a better cardiovascular workout and improved blood circulation.
  • Stretch your muscles’ capabilities safely. The heat from the practice along with the postures serve to build strength and increase flexibility. Each pose is safely held for up to a minute promoting balance, endurance and focus – physically and mentally.
  • Align your body with this safe, alignment based practice, which systematically works your entire body in the best way for you, promoting joint safety and overall well-being.
  • Transform your mind and body. As you detoxify and balance the body you create more space for refreshed energy and transformation.
  • Weight loss Holding poses in intense heat builds more deep muscle tissue, which burns more stored fat therefore aiding weight loss. Your diet will also improve as your body craves healthier food when practicing yoga regularly.
  • Stress release The intense focus required in yoga helps to calm and center the mind, resulting in greater focus and clarity of thought. Learning to pay attention to your breath and how to control it, results in a more composed and relaxed approach to life generally.
  • Strengthens bones and helps ward of osteoporosis
  • It keeps your spine supple preventing back pain.
  • Can help reduce high blood pressure.
  • Burns calories, lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol.
  • AND Most Important increases serotonin levels – the Happy Hormone!