What is Hot Yoga?
It’s yoga performed in a room heated to approximately 40°C (105 degrees) and an average humidity of 40%.  

Why the heat? 
The heat is great because the warmth that is created in the muscles allows your body to move more freely and become more flexible. It also challenges you to focus on the present moment despite the heat and the sweat!
To achieve this we’ve designed a brand new studio with a bespoke heating system that maintains the correct balance of humidity and temperature together with an air exchange system that ensures the correct levels of fresh air.

Our Teachers
We come from all walks of life and from different yoga backgrounds including Bikram, Hot, Astangha, Yin, Restorative…. and yes….trapeze yoga! They have a wealth of knowledge and will love helping you take your practice further.

Our Studio 
Our studio is located close to the city centre and within a 10 minute walk from the railway station and main bus stop routes making it convenient to attend classes before and after work, or even as a mid-day break. There is ample free parking on all nearby streets and 2 hour free parking right outside the studio!  

Opening Hours
We are open 30 minutes before each class starts, and close 30 minutes after each class ends (check the class schedule here). Doors are locked during class, so if you are late you won’t be able to get in.

Our Facilities

  • A clean healthy environment with optimal levels of heat and humidity.
  • New Flotex Flooring in the hot room for safety and cleanliness. Flotex combines the practicality of a resilient & slip floor and is completely waterproof. Flotex is also the only truly washable textile floor covering. Thanks to the highly effective anti-microbial treatment Sanitized®, Flotex offers constant protection against bacteria, including MRSA, E-coli and the development of dust mites. 
  • Spacious changing rooms with full shower facilities.
  • Free parking on all nearby streets
  • Convenient public transport
  • Fresh juices & vegan treats
  • Mat and towel rental service